An animated documentary by Hanna Heilborn and David Aronowitsch with Mats Johansson
Hidden is a groundbreaking film because it was the first CGI-animated documentary film. It has influenced filmmakers all over the world. The sound of the film is an interview with a hidden refugee child in Sweden and the images are animated. Giancarlo has no permit to stay in Sweden and he describes how it is to be persecuted. The film travels to Peru and to the school in Sweden but mostly stays in the room where the interview took place. In the room is Giancarlo’s father and mother with a newborn baby and his little brother. Giancarlo sits still with his arms pressed tightly against his little body. He gives straight answers to every question. The animated characters are designed by Mats Johansson. Hidden is the first film in a series of animated documentaries by Hanna Heilborn and David Aronowitsch together with the designer Mats Johansson.

Awards etc.
Best Int. Short Documentary, Hot Docs Int. Doc. Festival, Toronto, Canada, 2003
Honorary Mention Nordic Panorama, Oulu, Finland 2002
Nominated to Guldbagge, for best documentary-film, 2002
Honorary Mention, Europa Cinema, Viareggio, Italy 2002
“Fabrizio Belloccio Prize 2002” for social content, Castelli Animati, Rom, Italy 2002
Best Short, Fajr International Film Festival, Teheran, Iran 2003
Honorary Mention, Fredrikstad Animation Festival, Norway 2003
Best documentary, FIKE – Évora International Short Film Festival, Portugal, 2003
Grant Lena Hellman Memorial Foundation at Tempo Doc. Festival 2002
The Arts Grants Committee’s Mai Zetterling Grant 2011 for Hanna Heilborn and David Aronowitsch for their work with Hidden and Slaves
Sydsvenskan’s and BUFF’s Honourary Award 20011 for Hanna Heilborn and David Aronowitsch for their work with Hidden and Slaves

International Film Festivals 2002
Int. Animated Film Festival, Annecy, France, 3-8/6
Int. Short Film Festival, Vila do Conde, Portugal , 2-7/7
Palm Springs Int. Festival of Short Films, USA , 6-12/8
International Animation Festival Hiroshima, Japan, 22-26/8
EuropaCinema 2002, Rome, Italy, 14-21/9
Nordisk Panorama Oulu, Finland, 24-29/9
BUSTER Copenhagen Int. Children’s Film Festival, Denmark, 30/9-6/10
Chicago Int. Film Festival, USA , 4-18/10
Cork Film Festival, Ireland, 6-13/10
Int. Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Films, Germany, 15-20/10
Sheffield Int. Documentary Festival, U.K. 21-27/10
Castelli Animati, Int. Animated Film Festival, Italy, 23-27/10
Valladolid Int. Film Festival, Spain, 25/10-2/11
Nordic Filmdays Lübeck, Germany, 31/10-3/11
Int. Short Film Festival Siena, Italy, 22-30/11
Rio de Janeiro Int. Short Film Festival, 28/11-8/12
Animadrid 2002, Spain, 9-15/12

International Film Festivals 2003
Premiers Plans, Paris, France, 17-26/1
Scandinavian Film Festival, Los Angeles, USA, 31/1-2/2
Fajr Int. Film Festival, Iran,1-11/2
Tampere Film Festival, Finland, 5-9/3
Kort- och dokumentärfilmfestivalen VERA
Mariehamn, Åland Islands (Finland), 12-16/3
Int. Short Film Festival Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 12-16/3
Cartoons on the Bay – Pulcinella Awards, 9-13/4 Rome, Italy
ViewFinders: Int. Film Festival for Youth, Halifax, Canada, 22-26/4
Sprockets Toronto Int. Film Festival for Children, Canada, 25/4-4/5
Hot Docs Canadian Int. Documentary Festival, Toronto, Canada, 25/4-4/5
Int. Short Film Festival Oberhausen, Germany, 1-6/5
Fredrikstad Animation Festival, Norway, 6-11/5
Int. Festival of Films Young Audience “Ale Kino!”, 2-7/6, Poznan, Poland
Norwegian Short Film Festival Grimstad, Norway, 12-17/6
Encounters South African Int. Doc. Festival, Cape Town /Johannesburg, 20/7-7/8
Motovun Film Festival, Croatia, 28/7-1/8
Locarno Film Festival, Switzerland, 6-16/8
Bergen Animasjonsmønstring (BAM), Norway, 10. – 12./9
Tindirindis Animation Film Festival, Lithuania, 18-21/9
Bergen Film Festival, Norway, 16-22/10
Duisburger Filmwoche, Germany, 3-9/11
Margaret Mead Film & Video Festival, USA, 6-9/11
Brief Encounters, UK, 12-16/11
FIKE – Évora Int. Short Film Festival, Portugal , 21-29/11

International Film Festivals 2004

Salaam DK, Copenhagen, Denmark , 20/2-7/3
True/False Film Festival, USA, 13-15/2
Animac, Spain, 26-29/3
Internationales Trickfilm-Festival, Stuttgart, Germany, 1-6/4
DOXA Documentary Film and Video Festival, Vancouver, Canada, 25-30/5
New England Animation Bash”/ Coolidge Corner Theatre, Boston, USA, June 2-4
The 7. AARHUS FILMFESTIVAL, Aarhus, Denmark, October 27TH–31ST
Dallas Video Festival, USA, July 7-11

International Film Festivals
ZIFF Zanzibar International Film Festival, June
Pictoplasma, Berlin, screening 2005, November 25-26

International Film Festivals 2006

Clermont-Ferrand short film festival, France, 27 January-4 February
Scandinavian Short Film Festival, Copenhagen-San Francisco, October 27
FilmPlatform & Artists’ Television Access, San Francisco,
22nd International Short Film Festival Berlin, Nov. 07-12
Copenhagen Dox Discovery/CPH:DOX Sunday, TV screening Discovery November 11
“Séquence” Festival (the 15th edition), Toulouse, France, November

International Film Festivals 2007
The 17th edition of our Children Film Festival Ciné Junior/ Association Cinéma Public Paris, France

International Film Festivals 2010
Göteborg International Film Festival

International Film Festivals 2011
Göteborg International Film Festival 2011

Swedish Film Festivals
Göteborg Filmfestival, 2002
Dokumentärfilmfestivalen, Tempo, 2002
Uppsala Kortfilmfestival, 2002
Sundsvalls Filmfestival, 2002
Umeå Film Festival, 2002
Transit Zero, Öland, 2002
Båstad Filmfestival, 2002
Uppsala Kortfilmfestival, 2003
Eksjö Animationsdagar 2203
Antirasistiska Filmdagarna, Göteborg, 2003
Antirasistiska Filmdagarna, Malmö, 2003
Mölnbo Filmfestival 21 Aug. 2004
Antirasistiska Filmdagarna, Malmö, 2006
Uppsala Kortfilmfestival, 2006
Swedish Documentary Now, Tokyo, 2007

INPUT, 2003, Århus
Mini INPUT, 2003, Colombia
African Mini INPUT, 2003, Cape Town, Sydafrika
mini-INPUT Filmen Hus i Oslo mandag 15 sept.
Best of INPUT, 2004, San Fransisco
POST-INPUT, 2004, Ottawa, Canada April 2-3

Art Venue Screenings etc.
Screened with the film Kandahar February-April 2002, Folkets Bio, 5 Cinemas, Sweden
NIFCA -Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art project: Criss-Cross 2004-2006
Finnish Premiere at Andorra Cinema, Helsinki, Finland, 31/8- 2004
Criss-Cross at Kino, in Lund, organized by Lunds Konsthall, 4 – 22/8-2004
Barcelona Contemporary Culture Center (CCCB) Flm Series Xcèntric , January 2005
Sørlandets Kunstmuseum, Norway 25/6-4/9 Exihibition ANDRE/OTHERS
New Faces of Swedish Cinema, Lincoln Centre, New York, 2005
The Open Society Institute/ selections from the Margaret Mead Film & Video Festival screenings in Central Asia: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan
Casa da Animação/ the city of Porto/ “My Selection” by Portuguese animation director, José Miguel Ribeiro, 22 July, 2006
Marathon Dok. Copenhagen, 25/2-2006
FilmPlatform, LiteraturHaus, Copenhagen, June 2006
Animated documentary programs at Los Angeles Filmforum, April 2009
Bongout Gallery, Outside the box (Outdoor Art Film Fesival), Berlin, July 2010
Konsthuset, exhibition with Hidden and Slaves and artwork from new film, Uppsala, Sweden, October 2010
Video festival FOKUS 2011, May 5-22, Nikolaj Kunsthal, Copenhagen.

DVD, Multimedia etc.
Underbart är kort – Folkets Bio 30 år – Dvd, 2003
Goethe-Institut International DVD 2007
Wholphin No 8 DVD magazine 2009
Flyp Media 2009 Issue 24, 2009


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